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I am feeling very proud to announce the freely availability of Point of Sale Operating System (POS OS) 1. It’s Linux based (Linux Mint 17.2) POS OS. POS OS is a Retail Management Solution. POS is browser-based system written in PHP and using MySQL for a database. I think this is first ever open source operating system developed specially for point of sales system (let me know if it’s not).


  • Sale Management
  • Receiving Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Customer Management
  • Employee Management
  • Reports


  • It’s Web based
  • Could be accessible from the mobiles
  • Simple interface
  • Easy work flow
  • All the software are configured, you only need to install this OS
  • And More!

Screenshot Tour


Thank you Source Forge for hosting my project. You can download POS OS 1 on following link.


Installation help

Download your version of UNetbooin from and make live USB using their guide

This is already mentioned on my videos tutorial "Learn to Install Linux Operating System (Complete Video Guide in Urdu Language)" "لینکس کمپیوٹر آپریٹنگ سسٹم انسٹال کرنا سیکھیں (اردو میں مکمل ویڈیو گائیڈ)۔".
Following is the installation process
  • Boot with the live USB
  • Before starting the installation
    • Make 2 partitions using GParted software from the menu, follow this link regarding how to partition in Urdu language or this English one
    • One for POS OS 1, type ext4. POS partition could be 5 GB but 10 GB or more is recommended
    • One for swap, type swap. Swap partition could be double of your RAM but not more than 2 GB
  • Start installation by clicking icon ‘Install POS OS 1 on your hard disk’
  • Click ‘System Install’
  • Enter Full name, username, password and host name
  • Next step is very crucial, be careful. You are going to select POS partition
    • Click the partition made for POS OS 1
    • Select the mount point ‘/’
    • Select file system ‘ext4’
    • Tick format if required
    • Click ‘Change partition settings’ button with green colored icon (← symbol on it)
  • Now select Swap partition
    • Click the partition made for swap
    • Select the mount point ‘SWAP’
    • Click ‘Change partition settings’ button with green colored icon (← symbol on it)
  • Click ‘Next’
Watch this video for more help but follow above procedure or this for Pakistani people

Live System Credentials

Linux Operating System Username: roshantech-com
Point of Sale Username: admin

System Requirements

Pentium 4 (P4) system
512 RAM
5 GB Hard disk
etc i.e Bar-code reader etc

Proud of

This POS OS is proud of followings
  • It’s proud of Attock city
  • It’s proud of Punjab
  • It’s proud of Pakistan


Paid support is available at Rs.500/month or 5$/month.


Am I doing something good? Contact me for donations.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Allah for this achievement.

More Details

Visit these links for more details


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    1. Why not you try the POS mentioned in the article?

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